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Population suppression through mass-release of Aedes aegypti males carrying dominant-lethal transgenes has been demonstrated in the field. Where population dynamics show negative density-dependence, suppression can be enhanced if lethality occurs after the density-dependent i. This limits the flexibility of these technologies as regulatory regions with useful spatial, temporal or sex-specific expression patterns may only be employed if the cells they direct expression in are simultaneously sensitive to existing effectors, and also precludes the targeting of extracellular regions such as cell-surface receptors. We sought to engineer female-specific, late-acting lethality through employing the Ae. Initial attempts using pro-apoptotic effectors gave no evident phenotype, potentially due to the lower sensitivity of terminally-differentiated fat-body cells to programmed-death signals. Subsequently, we dissociated the temporal and spatial expression of this system by engineering a novel synthetic effector Scorpion neurotoxin—TetO-gp AaHIT designed to be secreted out of the tissue in which it was expressed fat-body and then affect cells elsewhere neuro-muscular junctions. This resulted in a striking, temporary-paralysis phenotype after blood-feeding. The potential to dissociate temporal and spatial expression patterns of useful endogenous regulatory elements will extend to a variety of other pest insects and effectors.

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Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle device required. The technique of DNA Sequencing lies at the heart of modern molecular biology. Since current methods were first introduced, sequence databases have grown exponentially, and are now an indispensable research tool.

Nestor Sosa. Derric Nimmo. Luke Alphey. Andrew McKemey. 1Oxitec Ltd, Oxford, UK. 2Gorgas Memorial Institute for Health Studies, Panama City, Panama.

Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. A Nature Research Journal. A transgenic alternative to the sterile insect technique for pest control has been proposed by a collaboration of researchers in the UK.

The conventional insect control method, developed in the s, involves the breeding of a large population of sterile males, which are then released into the wild to compete with fertile males for mates, thus depleting populations. Unfortunately, the process of rearing huge numbers of insects and separating them by sex has restricted the utility of the approach. Using transgenic techniques to address these problems, Luke Alphey and his colleagues have created a tetracycline-inducible transgene system that reliably kills Drosophila females unless the insects are fed the antibiotic.

In the absence of tetracycline, expression of a gene controlled by a female-specific enhancer leads to the induction of a toxin gene. The flies can be raised and bred normally on medium containing tetracycline, but are unable to produce viable offspring in the absence of the antibiotic. As the system does not require raising the flies to adulthood for sexing, it should significantly simplify the sterile insect technique. Reprints and Permissions. Dove, A.

Transgenic pest control on the fly

Gene drives are synthetic selfish genetic elements capable of spreading through wild populations despite conferring no fitness benefit on individuals that carry them. Although their potential for controlling pest insect populations has long been recognized, they have not proven easy to implement. Gene drives are only one of several promising strategies for genetically modifying mosquitoes to decrease transmission of malaria parasites to humans.

All of these approaches aim to reduce either the fitness of mosquitoes or their competence as malaria vectors. Transgenes conferring either of these traits could be spread into target mosquito populations without the use of gene drives by releasing large numbers of modified mosquitoes preferably males as they don’t bite humans to mate with the wild population.

The effectiveness of such systems has recently been shown in a series of field trials in four countries.

This up-to-date, practical guide is unique in covering all aspects of the methodology of DNA sequencing, as well as sequence analysis.

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Luke Alphey (United Kingdom)

James Smith Sr. Until a camping trip this weekend, the pair whom locals and authorities are calling heroes had never even met. However, both died Saturday after jumping into the Sabine River at U. Oh, I sure hate that. The two-day search for Kimmey and Smith ended Monday morning. Authorities from Newton, Orange and Jasper County sheriff’s offices, Beauregard and Calcasieu parish sheriff offices, state game wardens and the Jasper County Emergency Corps divers were all involved in the weekend.

Date. Authors: Bargielowski I, Kaufmann C, Alphey L, Reiter P, Koella J; Issue date: Dec. Late-acting dominant lethal genetic systems and.

Exports of genetically modified GM mosquito eggs for open release require notification to the UK and EC by the exporter, including risk assessments and emergency plans. GeneWatch has obtained documents which show that Oxitec did not meet the necessary legal requirements for its exports of GM mosquito eggs to Cayman and Brazil. It establishes an advance informed agreement AIA procedure for LMOs that are exported for intentional introduction to the environment.

Article 4 requires the company exporting a GMO for deliberate release into the environment to ensure notification, in writing, to the importing country prior to the first intentional transboundary movement. Article 6 requires these documents to be supplied to the government of the exporting country and to the European Commission. The Commission is supposed to make these documents available to the public in accordance with the Community rules on access to environmental information.

Article 12 specifies the documents that accompany exports of GMOs for contained use or for deliberate release. Article 13 requires the exporter to notify the export to governments that have taken the decision to regulate transit of GMOs through their territory. These regulations make the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs responsible for enforcing the legal requirements.

The email states that this is the only notification concerning a transboundary movement for release into the environment by Oxitec, “as it seems that their other exports have been for the purpose of contained use”. The main document lists the information provided by Oxitec. Appendix 2 : A risk assessment which states it was prepared in October This is the same one released to the UK Parliament in January This is an outline only and does not include terms of use which it states are to be negotiated.

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The successful candidate will lead experimental work on a new BBSRC-funded project to explore the possibility of developing stress-tolerant honey bees, in particular bees less affected by exposure to viral pathogens. The post-holder will report to the senior postdoc on the grant and to Luke Alphey, the Head of Arthropod Genetics and Principal Investigator on the grant.

Grant funding is for 36 months. This job description is only an outline of the tasks, responsibilities and outcomes required of the role. The job description and personal specification may be reviewed on an ongoing basis in accordance with the changing needs of The Pirbright Institute. Employees are also expected to safeguard their own health and safety and security by following policies and all e mployees are responsible for the Health and Safety and security of staff under their management.

Enthusiastic, energetic, intellectually engaged, results-oriented, time management skills, reliability under pressure, decision-making and problem-solving skills, ability to delegate, negotiation and conciliation skills, business planning skills. Due to the nature of the work we do, all successful applicants will be required to go through a comprehensive screening process including reference and qualification checks, financial and security clearances.

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Data from: Engineered action at a distance: blood-meal-inducible paralysis in Aedes aegypti. Alphey, Luke et al. Data from: Engineered action at a distance: blood-meal-inducible paralysis in Aedes aegypti Alphey, Luke. Publication date: August 5, Background: Population suppression through mass-release of Aedes aegypti males carrying dominant-lethal transgenes has been demonstrated in the field.

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This invention relates to the control of diseases caused by parasitic nematodes in plants and mammals. Since the early s many chemical compounds active against plant parasitic nematodes have been available. These have often displayed undesirable toxic effects, for example the fumigant dibromochloropropane was withdrawn from the market in , as it was thought to cause sterility in workers.

During the ‘s fumigant type nematicides were largely superseded by granular systemic nematicides. These have been in use since then, a representative compound being oxamyl. These compounds are mainly oximecarbamates or organophosphate derivatives, and because of their toxicity have to be used in a strictly controlled manner. Accordingly it would be of benefit to have anti-nematode agents that are environmentally favourable, i.

Additional prior art is referred to in a separate section after “Summary of the Invention”, without which its context would not be clear. The present invention provides the use of the compound 2R,5R-dihydroxymethyl-3R,4R-dihydroxypyrrolidine DMDP STR2 or an acid addition salt thereof, for use in controlling diseases caused by parasitic nematodes in plants, including crops, and in mammals. The invention also includes seeds, dressed, coated or impregnated with DMDP or a said salt thereof.

Fellows and G. Wagman and R.

Insect Population Control Using a Dominant, Repressible, Lethal Genetic System

Aedes mosquitoes include important vector species such as Aedes aegypti , the major vector of dengue. Genetic control methods are being developed for several of these species, stimulated by an urgent need owing to the poor effectiveness of current methods combined with an increase in chemical pesticide resistance. In this review we discuss the various genetic strategies that have been proposed, their present status, and future prospects.

We focus particularly on those methods that are already being tested in the field, including RIDL and Wolbachia -based approaches. Aedes mosquitoes transmit a range of pathogens that cause substantial human morbidity, mortality, and suffering.

Other languages: English; Inventor: Thomas Alphey: Andrew Birch: Linda Fellows​: Walter Robertson; Current Assignee. The listed assignees may be inaccurate.

Protocol DOI: Metazoans from Drosophila to humans have multiple genes encoding catalytic subunits of. Metazoans from Drosophila to humans have multiple genes encoding catalytic subunits of PP1 PP1c , which are involved in a wide range of biological processes. Studies in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster have revealed some of the essential functions of the PP1c genes. However, the PP1c isoforms have pleiotropic and overlapping functions, making it difficult to characterize their many biological roles and identify their specific in vivo substrates.

The existence of isoform-specific PP1 regulatory subunits might also help to explain the unique roles of different PP1 catalytic subunits. Drosophila is an excellent model organism in which to characterize the role of PP1 catalytic and regulatory subunits, because it combines molecular and biochemical approaches with powerful genetics, in a well-characterized animal model. In this chapter, we will describe how the two-hybrid system can be used to identify Drosophila PP1c-interacting proteins and study their interactions with different PP1c isoforms and variants.

With the appropriate bait and library constructs, this method should also be equally applicable to identifying binding subunits of related phosphatases or PP1c from other organisms. Antibody Data Search Beta. Authors: Daimark Bennett 1 ,.


So, naturally, the best way to fight these life-threatening diseases is at their source. Historically, malaria and dengue control strategies have incorporated insect population control using insecticides, but in recent years, researchers have turned to genetic engineering. After many years of hopeful development, such genetically modified mosquitoes might finally be close to proving their worth. Field tests of genetically-sterilized mosquitoes, targeted at dengue-carrying species, are demonstrating encouraging suppression of mosquito populations, while a variety of genetically manipulated malaria- or dengue-resistant mosquitoes are nearing their chance at tackling mosquito-borne infections outside the laboratory.

A similar strategy, known as the sterile insect technique SIT , has been used to successfully shrink populations of tsetse flies, which carry the parasite that causes sleeping sickness.

Place of publication: Selangor; Date published: Source: Beech, C. J., Quinlan, M. M., Guimarães, M. de L. C., Alphey, L. S., & Mumford, J. D. ().

Estimation of Aedes aegypti Diptera: Culicidae population size and adult male survival in an urban area in Panama. Traditional mosquito control strategies rely heavily on the use of chemical insecticides. However, concerns about the efficiency of traditional control methods, environmental impact and emerging pesticide resistance have highlighted the necessity for developing innovative tools for mosquito control.

In this report we present the results of a mark-release-recapture study aimed at: i establishing the survival in the field of laboratory-reared, wild-type male Aedes aegypti and b estimating the size of the local adult Ae. The study took place in Panama, a country where recent increases in the incidence and severity of dengue cases have prompted health authorities to evaluate alternative strategies for vector control. Results suggest a life expectancy of 2. The practical implications of these results are discussed.

Key words: Aedes aegypti; daily survival; male mosquito; mark-release-recapture; Panama; population estimation. The disease is caused by infection with one of four serotypes of the dengue virus DENV and is mainly transmitted by the mosquito Aedes aegypti, a species of African origin which is highly anthropophilic and mostly active during daylight hours Christophers First introduced to the Americas during colonial times, Ae.

Unfortunately, countries that did not achieve eradication during this period served as sources for re-infestation and during the following decades Ae. Currently, Ae.

Dr Nina Alphey

However, regulatory and social factors, while crucial to the adoption of any new technology, are not the main focus of this review. OXA males were shown to have similar longevity and maximum dispersal to an unmodified comparator Lacroix et al. To our knowledge, each of these trials has been successful in accomplishing its experimental objectives, and in no case have any negative consequences to human health or the environment been identified.

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In this issue, Mahkoul et al. For further details see pages — Philip T. Leftwich, Matthew P. Carabajal Paladino, Victoria C. Norman, Luke Alphey; Recent advances in threshold-dependent gene drives for mosquitoes. Biochem Soc Trans 19 October ; 46 5 : —

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